There are a lot of great things in this world but without PR, nobody would know about them – Laura Brookes

Welcome to my blog Digital Love, here you will find a selection of posts, links and visuals relating to the ever-growing field of PR and online dating. I hope to not only offer interesting and factual content for you, my readers but to also offer an insight in to the person I have grown to become and allow you to explore the wonderful field of public relations.

A little bit about me

My name is Laura Brookes, I am an aspiring PR Practitioner and writer with a head full of ideas and a heart full of drive. I am living and working in the City of vibrant Leeds UK whilst studying the art of PR at university. I have several half-written novels a notepad full of cheesy poems and a Twitter account used to address and improve relationship problems. My heart is far too large and I forgive far too easily but what I DON’T do, is put less than 100% in everything I get involved with.

I am an lover of all cheese and wine combinations, unless of course it’s Pinot and a baby-bell. I thoroughly enjoy meeting new and interesting people from around the globe and believe if you can talk about spiritualism, then you can pretty much talk about anything. When i am not putting in the hours at my bar job and extensively concentrating on university work, i regularly visit theatres, dance classes and coffee shops. I have a passion for ‘people watching’ and find nothing better than to sit warmly and contently, whilst basking in sweet coffee fumes and guessing the names of strangers.

Why PR?

From an early age, I was well aware of my creative streak and wild imagination, which lead me to pursue a career within a field that allows me to express and use both in a way I cannot in my day to day life. My passion for writing initially sparked my interest for PR, as I believe PR to be almost an art of content and attraction, something so important for todays’ business, and so dynamic for its kind.

Once choosing my path towards a career in PR, I began to explore the various platforms within the field. Learning and improving not only my writing skills but my ability to portray things in a positive light were two of my first steps towards my successful future in the business.

What I have learned

Since studying all that PR has to offer, I have managed to understand the importance of building and maintaining relationships, whether it be customer, consumer stakeholder, employee or general public bonds. Practising this is crucial for all businesses, especially in this digital age, society has transitioned in to. We no longer rely solely on face to face interaction and B to C transactions, we now have an international communications platform that allows us to spread ‘word of mouth’ on a much larger scale. Realising how constructive or even destructive this could be for organisations globally, PR was re-born into a world of high demand.

What can I bring to the table?

As an individual who has never thought inside the box, I can bring a wide range of skills to the industry, including those I have been given the opportunity to learn during my time at University. I am an adaptable quick thinker with strong initiative and drive. I believe myself to be positive, dynamic, enthusiastic, creative and diverse which I feel would contribute greatly to a career in PR.

Professional skills

My studies and partaken experience has helped me communicate well on many levels, as well as increase my confidence in presenting and public speaking. I am computer literate with a great scale of understanding in software and digital use. I am also a dedicated writer with the ability to communicate in many forms.  An experienced researcher and analyser with extensive involvement in events management and organisation. I can be a team leader, a group participant or a sole worker and enjoy working on individual, group or global projects.


Please feel free to check out my portfolio, which includes university, personal and professional work that I have done throughout my time in Leeds. My Facebook and Twitter accounts are accessible via the homepage links and my blog posts are available on my ‘Blogs page’

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 “Make the customer the hero of your story.” – Ann Handley