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Welcome to my first Podcast regarding the Ashley Madison dating-site scandal.

This Podcast will explore the data breach in detail and analyse the communication, PR and digital media challenges that the organisation faced.

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Online dating is becoming increasingly popular each year, with some agencies now branching out to magazines, mobile phone apps, and even online games. There is a substantial amount of competition within the dating field, and in order to achieve consistent traffic and interest, the correct use of digital communications and engagement is paramount. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are allowing organisations to reach out to specific target audiences, as well as entice those who may be sceptical.

E-Harmony has achieved an engaging and consistent digital presence throughout, with regular, humorous posts, eye-catching updates and relatable real life stories to grip readers internationally. With over 299,000 likes on their official Facebook page and 44,000 Twitter followers, E-Harmony has managed to achieve a positive and well-respected reputation within the dating field, which has led to many singles from all over the world signing up in the hope for love.

Placement, timing and content are important elements of digital engagement. Using key-words to target and attract your publics, visual content and multimedia to spark interest, and reliable information to enhance credibility and increase page revisits. All of these factors are vital when organising the upkeep of websites, social media and rate & review platforms. E-Harmony has incorporated all relevant aspects, specifically concentrating on colourful pictures and meaningful quotes that we can all relate to.


Collaborating love with seasons, ignites instant excitement and positivity which leads us to believe that love may be around the corner and if so…what are we waiting for? Uploading humorous and cute images that portray the feelings love brings gives readers hope in finding something similar, potentially motivating members to upgrade their accounts to find the ‘one’.

E-Harmonies digital engagement strategies do not stop with enticing images and promotional quotes, they also offer tips and advice on messaging and dating correctly and safely via any online dating platform. This type of helpful content builds relationships between the organisation and its publics. Reaching out in a way that doesn’t feel forced or false and increasing overall trust and loyalty.


The organisation is known and respected for its ingenious marketing campaigns and television advertisements, which consistently grasp the nations’ attention and increase website traffic. The ‘Brains behind the Butterflies’ campaign was a continual success for E-Harmony after launching on television channels such as E4 and ITV2. This campaign started online only, being mentioned and linked on social media such as Facebook and Twitter but with the increase of members and public interest, it was used and filmed as a short advertisement, which furthermore generated high-volume site traffic and member increase.

This generated interest has even helped them expand as an organisation and launch a similar ‘search engine’ platform for job seekers worldwide. This newly launched website called ‘Elevated Careers’  uses the same aspects to match skills and desired careers as the dating site does with compatible singles.

The Digital Media of PR & LOVE


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Online dating is taking the world by storm, with 1 in 5 relationships now starting online and an estimated 50% of couples meeting online in 2031, but what’s behind the dating success? … Effective Public Relations and DIGITAL MEDIA.

PR has slowly transformed and grown in to a digitally enhanced field. Society has had no choice but to transition from the industrial age and move in to the ‘Network Society’, a world so heavily reliant on social media platforms and the online community. Instead of interacting with the public physically and building corporate and customer relationships naturally, we now have access to a much broader way of communicating, which has improved not only the Public Relations industry but the online dating community.

A great deal of the skills required to succeed in PR are similar, if not identical to the personal skills used for dating. As people, we strive for positive reputation and personal success, therefore subconsciously in our daily lives use PR to create ourselves an image of which others will respect and admire. This act of self-advertisement increases during the ‘dating process’ and can be extremely effective and advantageous when practised via online social platforms such as ‘, ‘EliteSingles and Tinder’.

Public Relations and online dating are more advanced than ever before and are continually evolving through time, with good use of digital media increasing business and personal reputations internationally. Digital media and online communications allows us to interact quickly, efficiently and effectively, helping us get to know somebody on a different level to face-to-face contact. The importance of communicating correctly is paramount to the image being portrayed. The Hollywood actor James Franco is well aware of this


Digital communications has also enabled single men and women all over the world to effectively meet, as well as create online personal profiles containing extensive information that can even include your net worth and annual income. Some may argue that nothing is private anymore and our lives are digital fabrications of living truth, in which case, the majority if not all of what we are sharing online is an exaggerated version of the lives we truly lead. Online dating has expanded greatly over the years with the help of digital platforms, media and communications, we are now fully equipped to narrow down our search and be very particular in what we are seeking. Take the ‘annual income and net worth sharing’ for example, this is a tool specifically used on  dating sites such as ‘EliteSingles, where the members are actively searching for more than likeminded individuals with similar interests, they are searching for materialistic qualities such as money, stability, status etc… A place where the rich meet the rich.

Even celebrities are finding love through social media. Singer Iggy Azalea thanked the power of the internet after meeting her long-term boyfriend through ‘Twitter’

“We tweeted a couple of times and then we met up. It’s not desperate, it’s about admiring.”

Digital communications has evolved far greater than the generic internet dating, where in order to search and interact with fellow members, you would need a computer and an internet connection. Now, we can communicate on the go with mobile dating apps such as ‘Tinder’, one of the first of its kind. A casual platform that connects itself to your personal social media and allows you ‘the decider’ to filter through pictures of the public and allow access to communicate.

With the use of Digital media constantly increasing in both business and personal areas, it is no shock to society that social communication platforms are of great importance. In a world transformed into a ‘Global Village’ the possibilities of expansion and internationalization are endless. We are now able to not only improve our Public Relations practices but quite possibly our love life, with the same skill and technique used via the world-wide web. Digital media – Digital love.