Movie Review – In The Heart Of The Sea

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Movie Review: In The Heart Of The Sea

University & Personal Online Work

In the heart of the sea:

‘In the heart of the sea’ is a recently cinema-shown movie, based on the well-known novel ‘Moby Dick’. The film generated mixed reviews both on and offline, which consequently affected interest and sales globally.


I was assigned a university project, to complete an engaging, post-worthy review of a movie of my choice, with the intention to publish it on various digital platforms. Due to my interest in literature, particularly the 1851 novel ‘Moby Dick’ the choice of movie was quickly decided and I began contacting several cinemas. The aim was to explain the project in detail and receive free or discounted entry into the movie showing, which I was able to achieve. During the movie, I took names and notes, whilst also focusing on audience reactions, which helped me measure the positive and negative impact the film had on viewers.


This particular task and assignment improved my professional communication towards organisations, as well as increased confidence in my own work. It helped me to understand different styles of writing and the importance of specific structure and wording when completing reviews. As this task was more of a creative project, I was able to communicate to the online community with a humorous and casual approach, whilst including reliable content and information in order to critique the success of such products or services.

Skills Attained:

Review writing


Analytical Research

Field work

Digital communication

Professional communication

Movie research and analysis


The objectives of this project were to inform, entertain and engage audiences which would ultimately result in publication. Friends and professional bodies were able to access my personal blog in order to read my review as well as like, share or comment on posts alike. Making my work visible to the entire online community was eventually beneficial, as it increased blog and page views as well as links to ‘review websites’.

Engaging with the public on a newly practiced platform challenged my writing ability, however the finished product feedback was positive, and I managed to increase my overall knowledge on various writing styles & techniques used for today’s communication.