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DownstairsAtSid’s is a recently launched sports bar at the bottom end of Leeds City Centre, which offers a variety of sports, including BT & SKY, pool tables, darts, weekly club-nights, craft beers, ales, gins and cocktails. Due to being an independent business with no public awareness or following, they struggled to build a digital presence and custom base, therefore I set up several social media accounts In order to put them on the map and improve their non-known image. Following successful Twitter and Facebook accounts, I began managing specific events and online promotions, helping the business achieve page and website traffic and ultimately increasing customers.


I was able to vastly improve my digital media skills, including post consistency, customer interaction and public/global communication.


Skills Attained:

  • Optimization
  • Research and coordination
  • Target & audience analysis
  • Customer service
  • Engagement strategy skills
  • Digital media & Communication
  • Updating & Editing skills
  • Visual content skills


Once I understood specific target audiences, I was then able to generate easily accessible content for each group, which were sports lovers in and around the city, city locals and apartment residents, city workers and international visitors, as well as students living in the immediate areas of Leeds. Targeting each audience group for various club nights and sporting events at the bar helped me improve my digital communication skills, along with my adaptability. Using extensive social media tools to source interest and increase awareness, helped me gain organic traffic and page likes/followers, with daily visitors and weekly improvements. Uploading employee pictures to both platforms introduced a personal touch throughout and enabled the public to relate and understand the team, which in turn increased positive relationships and trust between the bar and customer audiences. Creating key words throughout posts and content, and including visible links to relevant trending topics became a successful ongoing strategy, in order to direct possible interest to all pages and platforms. The use of this strategy proved to be extremely beneficial with the club night ‘NO NAME’, as it allowed me to specifically target rock music lovers of all ages, in immediate locations.


‘NO NAME’ is a Thursday, rock and heavy metal club night held at DownstairsAtSid’s. They required consistent online promotion and communication in order to reach rock music lovers and active club visitors. All customer queries were managed by myself, including post responses and rating reviews. I was able to connect and engage with appropriate audiences via Facebook, Twitter and face to face interaction whilst flyering event material. The event design was my immediate point of attraction to the social media pages and became an important aspect of the club nights overall image. I created a simple, yet powerful heavy metal inspired design for online event pages, posters and pocket sized flyers. The intention was to attract student attention and rock genre enthusiasts with an eye-catching and relevant visual, drink promotions and location information, as well as the music statement and ‘NO NAME’ name.

no name 4


This work experience improved my skills in all forms of communication, including on and offline interaction with potential customers. It helped me understand the importance of digital media, visuals and content, as well as appropriate linking and hashtag incorporation. Overall the social media platforms were a success and increased daily custom to the bar and specific event nights, whilst also maintaining professional and public relationships.